Geeks Guide to Interviews

A suite of training resources to help all types of Geeks to interview better.


Geeks Guide to Interviews: Top 3 Interview Secrets E-Book

Geeks Guide to Interviews Training materials will teach you what Hiring managers, HR, and recruiters want to hear fro...


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Here's What You'll Learn To Become A Great Interviewee

Tech Thinking versus Nerotypical

Ever wonder why you never seem to get your point across even though you had the perfect facts. You will learn about the 2 different styles of thinking and how to bridge the gap.

Stories, the perfect answer

Find out how giving your answer in a story will not only make you heard. It will also make you memorable and give your listener the long lasting positive vibe that gets you jobs.

The Magic Wand

Soft skills are the magic wand that gets your message across and shows you are the candidate to choose. We can't make you an extroverted socialite, but we will teach you the simple patterns to follow and way to say things to allow you to appear strong in your soft skills.

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